"Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way." ~ Hitchens

Hello! I am Praveen Veeramaneni ツ

Technology Pragmatist & Self-taught Photographer

Website made with Hand-coded HTML, CSS, JS & Hand-held Camera Shots

About Praveen Veeramaneni.

I am a technology pragmatist working as a Lead Solution Engineer at Vendavo. In the past, I have been found slaving away as a Senior J2EE Programmer, Java Programmer and Web Developer. I garnered almost a decade of industry experience across varied businesses. When not at work I can be found spending time with my cameras, playing poker and polishing my brick of cognition.

I am relishing my freedom of expression here with scribbling and photography!


My camera is my tool to create pictures that occur to me and also to capture the visual moments that catch the attention of my eye. Pixels are the medium I have chosen to express my creative freedom and Praveenful is the place where I showcase it!

Feel free to check out my portfolio and photo blog sites!

In Technology.

Lead Solution Engineer. Enterprise Java Programmer. Web Developer. Lensman. Typography Enthusiast.

I am a programmer adept in enterprise level application design and development processes. With work experience in technology spectrum ranging from telecommunication, business intelligence, research and analytics, I keep abreast of the latest in this arena and work with a sense of bettering efficiency and bringing aesthetics in my day-to-day routine.